L.Y. Ng, Malaysia,

How would you describe Helen’s coaching style? 

Helen engages very well in our sessions by creating this comfortable space where I feel I can safely launch into exploring my deepest vulnerabilities, knowing that whatever I say is fully supported, without question. Her style is that of a fellow explorer walking side by side with me.

What did Helen do which worked particularly well for you? 

Helen was able to always guide me to stand back, take a bird’s eye view of my objective, and see it from different perspectives, alternately moving in sometimes to look closely at it and standing back again to see its context. It was truly like a through design and build process.

How did you or any aspect of your life/work/business change as a result of coaching with Helen? 

I emerged with great clarity on the blueprint plans of my objective to put into motion. Having this clarity has cleared up a lot of debris and cause me to be able to focus in a more dynamic way. This roadmap built means that I move forward is greater certainty of what is it that makes sense for me.

Please include below a testimonial for Helen:   If you wish to build a blueprint for life to take you forward, Helen is the coach you must consider. Her ability to ask penetrating questions created the clarity I was seeking, and her support in building awareness truly made a huge difference in which I achieved my coaching objectives.



Liam, university student, Sydney

” This whole coaching experience was an eye-opener.  I felt hesitant at first yet slowly felt more comfortable tackling the issues I had.  I understood more about myself through the guiding questions that Helen had given me.  I took notice of some of the ideas that she illustrated throughout the course of our coaching.   The concept ” Fear of the Unknown ” was definitely an area which we focused that made me think through another perspective.  It opened me up and gave me directions to better or other thoughts.  I believe that Helen’s coaching has truly reshaped the way I perceived life as well as my career.  Thank you, Helen! ”