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Our Mission:

Enhance individuals and organizations’ motivation, performance, mental toughness, creativity and help them navigate through changes and challenges.

Assist high potential executives in leading Hong Kong companies increase productivity  and make successful transitions by building up their strengths and mental toughness.


Our team of professional coaches specializes in developing leaders for corporations and organizations. We promote human flourishing and collaborate with our clients to create and cultivate conditions for thriving.  We integrate different theoretical frameworks and models, evidence-based research, psychological tools, assessments and interventions that are grounded to fit into our clients’ unique environments.

Helen, the Founder, and Director of Flourishing World Consultant specialize in executive coaching and positive psychology. The aim of Flourishing World Motivation Consultant is to promote the human development of psychological capital, mental toughness, creativity & innovation, peak performance, groups and team performance, positive creative change and positive organization.

Helen has more than 20 years experience in sales and marketing, international marketing,  for leading organizations both in Australia and in Hong Kong.

We support The Helmsman Project, Sydney, Australia, which is an innovative project designed to build life skills, hope, regulation, and resilience in young people, help them face challenges and achieve their full potential.


Meet Our Team


Helen Tse

Director, Flourishing World  Motivation Consultant

Executive Coach
Master of Coaching Psychology, University of Sydney
Member, University of Sydney Coaching & Mentoring Association
Member, International Coaching Federation ( ICF )
Accredited Mental Toughness Assessments

Accredited Harrison Assessments

Volunteer Coach for The Helmsman Project, Sydney, Australia





Dr. Lai Tang, Rebecca

Chartered Psychologist and Doctor of Psychology, specializing in mental health;

Over 10 years experience in psychological therapy using CBT, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, compassion-focus therapy, brief therapy, brief solution-focus therapy, motivation interviewing and psycho-education; specialized in treating general anxiety disorder, depression, panic, and OCD.

Chartered Psychologist –  British Psychological Society

Registered Health Psychologist- Health Care Professional Council ( UK )

Hypnotherapy Practitioner- National Council of Hypnotherapy